Due to the one-hundred-year anniversary of the foundation of the famous art movement De Stijl (The Style), 2017 will be in the theme of ‘From Mondrian to Dutch Design’. Add to that the completion of the large-scale renovation of De Ploeg weaving mill – based on a design by one of the most important members of De Stijl: Gerrit Rietveld – and you will understand why 2017 is a festive year in Bergeijk. Bergeijk actually houses the most diverse collection of Rietveld’s work. Discover how clearly present Rietveld still is in Bergeijk, for example during the Rietveld walking route.

De Ploeg

De Ploeg weaving mill is an architectural highlight in the field of light, air and spatiality. Rietveld designed this building with semi-circular sawtooth roofs, elongated glass facades and open factory halls. The serrated facade with a diagonal colour pattern is a clear and playful reference to De Stijl. From April, De Ploeg will house the exposition 'Rietveld Re_Newed', with design inspired by De Stijl, from Dutch designers such as: Gerrit Rietveld, Toon Slegers, Aart van Asseldonk, Made by Rens, Studio Job and Sigrid Calon. Inside you also have a great look at the interior designed by Rietveld and renovated by Aart van Asseldonk.

From safari to map

In Bergeijk, you will not only find Rietveld’s only industrial design – weaving mill and visitors’ centre De Ploeg – but during the walking route you will also learn, for example, why the weaving mill was built and why the Rietveld clock has four different faces. The route then takes you, just like the adventurous Rietveld safari, past the Rietveld Abri (Rietveld Shelter), Woonhuis Van Daalen (Van Daalen Residence) and the Flower and Sculpture garden by Mien Ruys, the famous landscape architect Rietveld worked with.

Multi-lingual guided tours FROM APRIL 2018 tours will resume

Pick up a map at the visitors’ centre (available in English!). You can also follow the route with a guide; available in various languages for larger groups. ‘Rietveld in Bergeijk’ clearly demonstrates why Rietveld was considered to be one of the greatest architects of the 20th century.

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Ontdek de ontwerpen van Gerrit Rietveld en Mien Ruys, met de 'Wandel in Bergeijk App' of met de wandelroute op papier. Download de app in de Play Store of App Store. 

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Showroom Bruns

De showroom van Bruns (het bedrijf dat tegenwoordig in de Ploeg is gevestigd) is geopend op werkdagen tussen 10.00 en 16.00 uur. (Op feestdagen gesloten, voor meer info zie "Showroom Bruns") Entree is gratis.

Alles over de Ploeg


Gaat u mee op safari? We gaan een heuse ondekkingstocht maken langs de ontwerpen van zowel Gerrit Rietveld als Mien Ruys. Uiteraard brengen we ook een bezoek aan de Showroom van Bruns (gevestigd in De Ploeg). 

Naar de safari


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